If you have a graphics/resources site/blog/writing site and wish to become affiliates, feel free to send me an e-mail at (subject: Affiliation w/ Elyasia). If you have a blog or a site that isn’t graphic/resource related (i.e. fansite), you have the option to become a link exchange; just shoot me an e-mail (subject: Link Exchange w/ Elyasia).
Please have a 88x31 button.

There is only two rules I have for both affiliation and link exchange requests:
1. Please just keep your site active (i.e. not a dead link). I don't care how often you I don't expect you to update every hour, day, week, etc (heck, even an update every 6 months is good enough for me, lol). I've been part of the online community for a while now and I know how unexpected and busy life can get.
2. Do drop by once in a while to say hi or if you changed looks or something. Again, I don't care how often; it doesn't have to be weekly for example. And I will do the same

At the moment, applications for affiliation and link exchange is currently open. Affiliates and link exchanges will be posted on this page.

The Affiliates

none right now

Link Exchanges